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Politics of Quality

The Quality Policy and R&D&I, promoted by the management, is the most suitable one for the development of the day-to-day basis activities of the organization and the impacts generated by this activity. It includes too a commitment to comply with the requirements of the CESGA Foundation, legislation and existing regulation and to continually improve the effectiveness of the management system.

 This policy provides the reference framework for establishing and reviewing the objectives and targets of quality and R&D&I. Furthermore, the policy is understood by all staff and are keen on with its objectives. In the system reviews, made in accordance with the system review procedure, the policy is reviewed and adapted to the current situation.

 The CESGA Foundation's mission is to contribute to science and technology development throughout research and application of computing and high performance communication, in collaboration with other institutions for the benefit of the society.

 The quality assurance and on-going improvement are in-line with CESGA’s purposes:

  •  PERSONAL: Provide a working welfare environment in which employees identify, feel recognized and could develop both professionally and personally.
  • USERS / CUSTOMERS: Promote customer development and international competitiveness in the areas of R&D&I.
  • EMPLOYERS: To contribute actively to the development of their policies on R&D&I
  • SUPPLIERS: To establish partnerships to promote mutual development and competitiveness.
  • PARTNERS / STAKEHOLDERS: To be a trusty and value-added institution for them, based on quality and knowledge
  • OTHER ORGANIZATIONS: To be a lighthouse of excellence in computing and high performance communication
  • SOCIETY: To be seen as an investment which society can be proud of.

Along their values:

  • COMMITMENT: To actively contribute to mission accomplishment throughout hard work, professionalism and responsibility.
  • CREATIVITY: To freely encourage the proposition of creative ideas.
  • ETHICS: Mutual respect and appreciation of the person regardless of condition.
  • TEAMWORK: To work cooperatively with others through collaboration and open communication, recognizing everybody’s contributions
  • FLEXIBILITY: Be open-mindend to changes and remain vigilant and ready to explore new ways of doing things.