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Architecture description

What is FinisTerrae?

FinisTerrae is a scientific computing infrastructure managed by CESGA, the Supercomputing Centre of Galicia, and integrated in RES (the Spanish Supercomputing Network), a Spanish Unique Scientific and Technical Installation (ICTS).

What does FinisTerrae offer?

FinisTerrae offers the compute muscle necessary to tackle many of today’s societal challenges. FinisTerrae can take on both classical high performance computing problems (earth science simulations, molecular modeling, fluid dynamics, …) and typical high throughput problems (particle physics, parametric calculus, …). FinisTerrae includes a catalog of over 150 scientific computing tools and applications. In addition, we allow you to install your own code.

What is FinisTerrae composed of?

Finis Terrae is a linux based heterogeneous cluster, with an Infiniband FDR low latency network interconnecting 317 computing nodes based on Intel Xeon Hasswell processors. Together, these nodes are able to provide a computing power of 328 TFLOPS, 44,8 TB of RAM and 1,5 PB of disk capacity. The system includes a high performance parallel storage system able to achieve a speed of more than 20 GB/s.

Who can access FinisTerrae?

Any researcher, technologist or innovator from European Union member states or associated states can apply for access to FinisTerrae whether he or she comes from a private company, a public tech center, a university, or an administration.

How can you request access to FinisTerrae?


Use Guide
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