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Annual report 2018

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  • Available multimedia equipment in CESGA

Today, CESGA has the following multimedia equipment for collaboration and/or distributed teaching.

Presentation room (capacity: 60 people)

The Presentation room has 60 chairs for attendees and a table with chairs for meetings of up to 10 participants. There is high definition videoconference equipment and projection systems (either a 50" plasma screen or a projector and retractable screen). Additionally, the room has an electronic blackboard system for local presentations or for presentations to remote rooms. The videoconference equipment permits transmission from a PC outlet with high resolution (1920x1080) that is simultaneous with the video.

Summary of the equipment in the Presentation room:

  • High definition videoconference equipment (1080p) 
  • A 50" plasma television screen
  • An electronic blackboard, the Smartboard i685x
  • A projector and screen
  • WIFI connection for attendees
Meeting room (capacity: 6-8 people)

This Meeting room has seating for up to 8 attendees. It has high definition videoconference equipment and a 50” LED television with 3D capacity. With this equipment, it is possible to maintain a videoconference with up to 4 participants with simultaneous data transmission (a PC VGA/HDMI with up to 1920x1080 of resolution ) and video.

Summary of the equipment in the Meeting room:

  • High definition videoconference equipment (1080p) and capacity for the recording of sessions
  • A 50" LED 3D television
  • A projector and retractable screen
  • WIFI connection for assistants
PC and AccessGrid Room (capacity: 15 people).

This is a standard format teaching room with up to 15 places for users with connection to the network. It has AccessGrid collaboration equipment (large dimension projection, 3072x768 pixels, environmental sound, and hand-held and/or lapel microphones for the attendees and the professors, respectively). In addition, the available multimedia equipment is also connected to traditional H.323 videoconference equipment which allows attendees to receive remote classes by means of this technology.

Summary of the PC and

Access GRID room equipment

  • Polycom VSX700e videoconference equipment (for interaction with other points that have H.323 videoconference equipment)
  • AccessGrid collaboration infrastructure (a system with ambient sound, large dimension projection, and the possibility to interact with AccessGrid world-wide)
  • PCs to conduct exercises in face-to-face or distributed classes
  • WIFI connection for attendees

In addition to the Multimedia rooms described above, CESGA has additional equipment that allows for the enrichment of services provided in the areas of e-Learning and collaboration, part of which can be provided for events or rental.

Multivideoconference unit
Necessary to conduct videoconferences with more than 2 participants
Streaming server
Allows the storage of videos and their diffusion to a large number of clients
Recording server
Allows the recording of videoconferences or presentations given in the "PCs/AccessGrid" room described above 
Portable AccessGrid Equipment
A set of multimedia elements and servers dedicated to provide AccessGrid collaboration service in rooms situated outside of CESGA. It is composed of the following elements.

  • 4 cameras and tripods
  • a mobile rack with PCs and echo cancellation equipment
  • 3 retractable Screens
  • autoamplified loudspeakers
  • hand-held and table microphones
  • 3 reduced dimension projectors
Portable videoconference equipment

Videoconference equipment for use outside of CESGA installations is listed below.

  • standard definition VSX7000 videoconference equipment with a module for data transmission
  • two Polycom videoconference equipment units


  • Services supported by the present infrastructure

The infrastructure listed above allows for the provision of different services that are described in greater detail in the SERVICES section of the Web.

- High definition videoconference service from CESGA with any another institution that has said service
- Multivideoconference service to manage videoconferences with more than two participants
- Recording and streaming services for collaboration and/or teaching sessions
- Room concession service for presentations, meetings, or teaching
- Multimedia equipment loan service

 Technology used for provision of services

Next, we provide an extract of the technologies that are linked to the different sources of information on each concrete subject.