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Specific conditions of the use of CESGA computation services

All the users of CESGA computation systems must be familiar with and must accept the following conditions of use:


The users promise not to accept nor motivate practices that violate the legislation of Spain or the European Union.

Relative to security:

Users must:

Not share their account with any another person
Use a safe password that is unknown to other people
Promise to not violate the existing security measure as well as to not access the resources, systems, or information to which they do not have access permission
Inform CESGA's support services of any event that involves a failure in the security of the systems or of any another potential risk
Provide CESGA with the identification of the terminal or terminals from which failures or risks are being produced.

Relative to the utilisation:

Users must:

Promise to use the resources efficiently and only for the purpose authorised

 Respect the conditions of said agreement regarding the utilisation of software covered by any CESGA's license agreement

 Not use CESGA's resources in any way that may offend other users

 Deny the responsibility of the CESGA's operators in the case of any loss as a result of the utilisation of the CESGA's resources.

 Permit CESGA's operators access to the information generated in CESGA and to the monitoring of activities associated with the objective of maintaining the resources utilised in proper working order

Accept that CESGA's resources will not always be available for use in the way expected, and deny any responsibility of the CESGA's operators in the case of being affected by availability or any another aspect of the CESGA's resources

• Include explicity of the resources and services of CESGA in scientific production (articles, presentations in congresses, conferences, books, chapters of books, etc.) that are related to the results produced by the use of said resources. Said quotation will include a brief description of the computation resources used

 Provide CESGA with a brief description of the research project conducted using CESGA's computational resources and report, when requested, the scientific production for which CESGA's computacional resources were used. Moreover, promise to authorise the publication of said information in the CESGA's Annual Report.

The core-hours consumed by the user is calculated multiplying the reserved cores by the jobs by the elapsed time (also called wall-time) of the jobs. The reserved cores are the cores really used by the job AND the ones that can not be used by other jobs because of the user job. For example if the job requests 1 core in one node, but the node is used exclusively by the job or all its memory, the reserved cores are all the cores in the node.

Responsibility and sanctions

When incorrect or unacceptable use is demonstrated with respect to that which is specified in this document, CESGA will proceed to the interruption of the service provided in any of the following manners including the temporary suspension or the indefinite withdrawal of the service, depending on the gravity and repetition of the incident.

The responsibilities that may be derived from the incorrect utilisation of resources by the user will be assumed by the user.

CESGA will have the necessary means to permit the easy consultation of these norms.