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The CESGA's GIS map server creates and provides dynamic maps on the Internet. These maps allow the user maximum interaction with geographical information, accessing information in its original format so that it is possible to search as you would with a GIS.

A map server works by sending maps at user's request of the user from his or her browser as a page with an associated map in image format. A map server is a GIS through Internet. In addition to viewing the maps, one can interact with them with operations such as zoom, pan zoom, selective search, or to look up information on associated databases.


Physical Map of Galicia:This map covers the hydrology and the topography of Galicia.

Administrative Map of Galicia: A map of Galicia which includes provinces, counties, municipalities, towns, and roads.

PROPSOLOS Project: The purpose of the project is to establish a map base properties of surface horizons of soils in Galicia, among which include soil texture, organic carbon content and trace metal content. Since the weather is an important factor that determines the distribution of soil properties, a Digital Climatic Atlas of Galicia using non-stationary linear models at very high resolution has been developed, which will serve as auxiliary information for estimating the spatial variability of soil properties in Galicia.

FAROS Project: FAROS (the acronym for Integral Networking of Fishing Sector Actors to Organize a Responsible, Optimal and Sustainable Exploitation of Marine Resources), is an European project cofunded by the LIFE + Environment programme of the European Union, which seeks to develop and implement a network for efficient and comprehensive management of discards and bycatch, involving all stakeholders in the field of fisheries (fleets, ports, auction markets, industries, etc ...).

IDEPATRI Project: Design and development of a data model for a Iron Age archaeological Spatial Data Infrastructure in Galicia.

Map of Business Property in Galicia and northern Portugal: Location and information about industrial estates in Galicia and northern Portugal. Map made for the Consolidates project (

Discover the GIS. Terra Project: Geographic content for the educational project, Terra

CESGA offers its users the opportunity to develop a specific map server with its own alphanumeric data for the purpose of Internet services or on an intranet.