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Versións dispoñibles:


  • 1.0.2


SimPhy is a program for the simulation of gene family evolution under incomplete lineage sorting (ILS), gene duplication and loss (GDL), replacing horizontal gene transfer (HGT) and gene conversion (GC). SimPhy simulates species, locus and gene trees with different levels of rate heterogeneity, and uses INDELible (Fletcher and Yang, 2009) to evolve nucleotide/codon/aminoacid sequences along the gene trees. The input for SimPhy are the simulation parameter values, which can be fixed or sampled from user-defined statistical distributions. The output consists of sequence alignments and a relational database that facilitate posterior analyses.

Guía de uso


Please use the following module commands:

module spider simphy

Check the simphy available versions

module load compiler/version simphy/version

Load specific version environment

module help simphy

Get a brief server specific user guide



URL Manual


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