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  • 1.1


p4est is a software library for parallel adaptive mesh refinement (AMR). It represents the mesh as one or more conforming hexahedra that can be individually refined as adaptive octrees, yielding a distributed non-conforming mesh. Both 2D and 3D are supported. p4est is intended to be compiled and linked against by numerical simulation codes that require efficient in-core, static or dynamic load balancing and (re-)adaptation of the computational mesh.

The p4est provides data structures and routines for all of the following:

  • creating a coarse computational mesh;
  • adapting the mesh by refining, coarsening, and enforcing 2:1 conditions between neighbors;
  • partitioning a mesh between MPI processes;
  • visualizing a mesh;
  • communicating ghost layers and data between processes;
  • converting the octree format to other static mesh formats;
  • etc.

Guía de uso


Use "module spider p4est" to get the different versions installed depending on compiler and MPI implementation.

After loading the modules corresponding to the compiler and MPI implementation chosen use the command:

module help p4est

to get a brief user guide.



Please use the following module commands:

module av p4est

Check the p4est available versions

module help p4est

Get a brief server specific user guide

module load p4est

Load default version environment

module load p4est/<version>

Load specific version environment


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