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Versións dispoñibles:


  • 3.4.1


TMAP consists of a set of utilities, combined into one command line program called tmap. Each utility is specified by a unique name or command. Specifying TMAP without a command will give a list of commands, while specifying TMAP with a command but no options will give a list of options for that command.

There are two steps in mapping with TMAP. The first step is to build an index of the reference genome onto which we map. This index needs only to be built once for each genome, performing much of the mapping work upfront. The second step is to map the reads to the reference genome using this index.

TMAP is implemented as a command-line program. It accepts many command-line options to customize and tune the mapping algorithm. The key commands are organized into one binary program called tmap. To access each command, we use tmap <name>, where <name> is the name of the command we wish to execute.

Guía de uso


Please use the following module commands:

module spider tmap

Check the tmap available versions

module spider tmap/version

Show the modules necessaries to load

module load compiler/version tmap/version

Load specific version environment

module help tmap

Get a brief server specific user guide


URL Manual


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