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CESGA is the managing institution of the Science and Technology Network of Galicia (RECETGA). RECETGA is an advanced communications infrastructure that permits the interconnection of Galician research centres, integrating them and allowing them access to the services provided by research networks at national and international levels (RedIris, GEANT, Internet2, etc.) as well as to commercial networks.

This is a video describing services and projects in the European research network (source:

RECETGA is constituted by its own dark fibre links as well as bandwidth links of operators that interconnect the different associated centres. It is CESGA that, through its NOC (Network Management Centre) and by means of the use of routing equipment and high capacity switching controls and operates said network.
In this section, you will find information about the RECETGA architecture and the centres that compose it, as well as of the equipment that allows for the operation and management of the same.
During the year 2011, RECETGA is migrating its backbone network in order to provide services via dark fibre links, having points of presence with very high capacity  in all of the large urban centres of Galicia which will facilitate access to the services with conditions that are equal to the rest of the research institutions at the European level. Likewise, the renewal of the routing and switching equipment is proceeding in order to improve availability to the connected centres.



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