Applicability of quantum computing techniques in the automotive industry

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The study aims to identify the areas where quantum computing can address problems to optimize the production processes in the automotive sector in Galicia. By identifying potential applications that impact OEMs, suppliers, and their supply chain.

This document compiles the research conducted on quantum computing in the automotive industry. First, we provide an overview that discusses the current state of quantum computing. Following that, we delve into an introduction to quantum computing, explaining its foundations and the various forms of quantum computing currently in existence. Next, in the state-of-the-art section, we elucidate the types of problems that can be addressed using quantum computing. Additionally, we present various use cases and summarize some examples of these problems analyzed in studies and executed in projects by different companies. In conclusion, we analyze the interviews and the methodology employed to conduct them, including an introduction, a questionnaire, and the responses received. Finally, there are two sections, one for discussion where we analyze the obtained results, and a concluding section to summarize the findings from the research.