FFplus is a European initiative, highlighting the adoption of High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for SMEs and Startups across Europe, showing the business benefits and impacts of adopting HPC and AI in real business models.

The first FFplus Open Call is launched!

Business Experiments will address the uptake of HPC by SMEs to solve specific business challenges: https://www.ffplus-project.eu/en/open-call/business-experiments/ Innovation Studies will support SMEs and Start-ups in the field of generative AI: https://www.ffplus-project.eu/en/open-call/innovation-studies/

The first Open Call Webinars

For Business Experiments: starting at 13:00 CET
For Innovation Studies: starting at 15:30 CET

These webinars address European SMEs and startups, as well as supporting organisations (e.g., research institutes, universities, ISVs, IT providers) who want to learn more about solving business challenges and advancing to the next level with the help of HPC and AI, or taking the opportunity to develop and customise LLM models with generative AI.

All participants need to register to join the webinars here.

The main aim of the FFplus project is to raise awareness about the business benefits that HPC-related and generative AI technologies bring to the industry, especially SMEs and startups, and to support them in bringing their innovation projects to life through the funding mechanisms of the Open Calls. More about the FFplus here.