UT Austin Portugal Annual Conference 2023 – October 24 – Braga – Registrations close October 17!

The UT Austin Portugal Program has been fostering knowledge and innovation for 16 years. Those years have been filled with international collaborations that engaged in multidisciplinary research, technology transfer, and commercialization activities.

As the Program approaches the end of its third phase, we are inviting the scientific, technological, and entrepreneurial community to join us on October 24, at the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL), in Braga, Portugal, for the UT Austin Portugal Annual Conference 2023, the Program’s largest knowledge-sharing and networking event.

With the theme “Modelling the Future”, this day will serve as an ideation exercise that will help us understand how the Program can help shape the future of Portugal’s scientific and technological landscape. The community can expect to listen to insightful talks around topics such as Clean Energy, Advanced Computing and Nanotechnologies, network with peers and visit our E-Poster exhibition.

Registrations are open until October 17. Attendance for this event is free of charge, but registration is required in advance.

More information available here: https://utaustinportugal.org/2023-annual-conference/