Quantum Spain Seminar: Test of the physical significance of Bell’s theorem

Ponente: Adan Cabello
Universidad de Sevilla

Abstract:The experimental violation of Bell inequalities implies that at least one of three assumptions, measurement independence (MI), parameter independence (PI), and outcome independence (OI), fails in nature; “one of these three premises must be false, and it is important to locate which one is false” (Shimony, 1990). It is believed, however, that no experiment can decide which is the false one. Here we show that this is not true.

Lugar: Aula Magna da Facultad de Física (USC)
Hora: 15:00


Tema: QuantumSpain Seminar
Hora: 5 dic 2023 03:00 p. m. Madrid
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ID de reunión: 848 3486 2648