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Evaluation of Machine Learning Fameworks on Finis Terrae II

Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) are two technologies used to extract representations of the data for a specific purpose. ML algorithms take a set of data as input to generate one or several predictions. To define the final version of one model, usually there is an initial step devoted to train the algorithm [...]

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Evaluation of Lustre subsytem

This technical report shows the behaviour of Lustre storage subsystem for different applications. Lustre is a scalable file subsystem and let the final user to control the way her files are stored. CESGA has 694,5TB usable in Finis Terrae II supercomputer, and the Infiniband network achieves better results than DAS storage. This report is intended [...]

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Rendimiento de diferentes herramientas MPI en el sistema FinisTerrae II

Este informe recoge los principales resultados extraídos del estudio del rendimiento de diferentes herramientas de paralelización en el superordenador Finis Terrae II instalado en el CESGA. Se incluyen resultados tanto de los rendimientos de comunicaciones punto a punto como de comunicaciones colectivas, en las que se analiza como afecta el aumento del número de procesos [...]

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