Descripción del proyecto

Particulas IV – Desarrollo del centro español de segundo nivel (Tier-2) para el procesado

Periodo: 2007-10-01 – 2010-10-04 (36 meses).

Entidad financiadora: Ministerio ID


The LHC Computing GRID (LCG) has now become a reality as the infrastructure that provides
computing power to fulfil the needs of the LHC experiments by means of GRID techniques that
allow a secure and efficient sharing of large amounts of computing resources (CPU and storage)
distributed on sites (Tiers) over the entire globe among the users of several Virtual Organizations
This distribution of the resources and shared use allows for important optimization of their use
while at the same time gives the opportunity to all those sites to get involved in the development
of these new technologies and facilitates the integration of the local user communities in the use
of these new and powerful tools.
The LHCb Tier-2 sites are expected to provide 11.5 MSi2k years of computing power from 2009.
From this amount Spain is expected to contribute about 6.5 % and this project should provide,
together with the existing infrastructure, the necessary funding for this contribution.