Quantum Spain Seminar: Qibo: an open-source hybrid quantum operating system

Speaker: Stefano Carrazza (Associate Professor University of Milan INFN Milan, CERN Theory Group)

Abstract:We present Qibo, an open-source software for fast evaluation of quantum circuits and adiabatic evolution which takes full advantage of hardware accelerators. The growing interest in quantum computing and the recent developments of quantum hardware devices motivates the development of new advanced computational tools focused on performance and usage simplicity. In this work we introduce a new quantum simulation framework that enables developers to delegate all complicated aspects of hardware or platform implementation to the library so they can focus on the problem and quantum algorithms at hand. This software is designed from scratch with simulation performance, code simplicity and user friendly interface as target goals. It takes advantage of hardware acceleration such as multi-threading CPU, single GPU and multi-GPU devices. Finally, with the inclusion of modules for hardware control and calibration, Qibo can execute circuits directly on quantum hardware becoming a hybrid quantum operating system.


Name: QuantumSpain Seminar
13th December 2023, at 12:00 p.m. Madrid
Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 860 8023 6242