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Quantum Spain Seminar

Quantum Spain Seminar: Simulating IBM's Kicked Ising Experiment with Quantum-Inspired Tensor Networks Thursday 16th November 11.00 a.m. We show how quantum-inspired 2d tensor networks can be used to efficiently and accurately simulate the largest quantum processors from IBM, namely Eagle (127 qubits), Osprey (433 qubits) and Condor (1121 qubits). We simulate the dynamics of a [...]

Introductory Course to Tensor Networks

25th to 28th, September, 2023 Among quantum-inspired classical computing approaches to Quantum Simulation, Tensor Networks stand out as a promissing avenue to handle situation where the amount of entanglement is limited. This course provides an introduction to the use of Tensor Newtorks.  The course will be in-person, and involve both theory presentations and python labs [...]

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