CESGA has distinct storage solutions to satisfy the requirements of supercomputing users and the treatment of digital information.

In the table below, the available storage is shown as well as the capacity of each type.

Tipo de Almacenamiento Capacidad (TB)
Big Data 816
Scratch 484
Parallel Scratch 1,127
Home + Massive Date Stge. 1,250
Tape 1,360
Almacenamiento Total 4,787


Storage Infrastructures of the Center of Supercomputación of Galicia

The Supercomputing Center of Galicia has the following storage systems:

Different solutions are available for disk storage:

  • HOME: For the storage of user HOME directories a new unified storage system NetApp FAS9000 is available. The configuration of the HOME is based in SAS disks of 15K RPM and 1800GB treating to offer the greater possible performance even by the expense of a capacity in disk more reduced. By this reason the available space in the HOME is limited by defect to 10GB. For massive storage of data recommends use the directory STORE (see further down).
  • Scratch: For the storage of the temporary data of the jobs in execution use the local disks connected to the nodes of computation (DAS), based in distinct technologies.
  • Parallel Scratch: For jobs that require greater speeds of access to disk or greater capacity a system of parallel files based in Lustre, that uses 480 disks SATA of 2TB and is connected to Finis Terrae through a network of high speed Infiniband. This system is the one who recommends use in the FT-II for calculations that by his characteristic require a performance or an upper capacity to the supplied by the scratch local of the nodes.
  • Store: For the massive storage of data each user has a directory designated $STORE in which it can store the results of old simulations, backups or other files that wishes to save but that by his size it is not possible to keep in the HOME where the available space is much more restricted. The storage system STORE similarly to the HOME it is based in the new system of storage NetApp FAS9000 but in this case the configuration it is based in NL-SAS disks of 10TB, of greater capacity but lower performance that the ones of the HOME.


Unified storage system NetApp FAS9000 containing 2 Redundant controllers in active-active configuration each one with:

  • 2TB of Flash Cache.
  • 8 interfaces of network 40GbE
  • 8 interfaces of network 10GbE
  • 38.4 TB net storage in 48 disks SSD of 960GB
  • 313.2 TB net storage in 168 disks SAS of 1800GB and 15K RPM
  • 980 TB net storage in 120 disks NL-SAS and 7200 RPM
  • Lustre System with 4 OSS and 2 MDS and 480 disks of 2TB

Guide of use

For more information on the usage of the storage system you can review the guides under the corresponding section of the Services menu.


For storage on tape, we have LTO-4 technology with an HP ESL 1424 tape robot with capacity for 1400 tapes of this technology (at present, we have 1000 available tapes) and 12 units for reading/writing with a velocity of 100MB/s. In total, this equipment offers a storage capacity of 2 Petabytes.