Foundation CESGA has the mission to contribute to the advancement of Science and Technical Knowledge, by means of research and application of high performance computing and communications, as well as other information technologies resources, in collaboration with other institutions, for the profit of society.

In general the purposes of the Foundation are all those that promote the research in and use of high performance computing, advanced communications and development of information and communications technologies, as an instrument for sustainable socioeconomic development, devoting special attention to the relations of cooperation between research centres, whether public or private, and the productive sector.

  • Promote and participate in research and technological development projects.
  • Provide computing capacity, communications and technical support to its users by means of the equipment available at the Foundation.
  • Collaborate in the transfer of research results in the area of computing between public research centres and private companies.
  • Boost and promote cooperation between institutions at the national and international level.
  • Contribute to the development and strengthening of the competitive capacity of the Galician and CSIC research communities.
  • Collaborate with institutions, companies and people in any matter related to the object of the Foundation, in the terms established in the corresponding contracts or cooperation agreements.
  • Promote and collaborate in the organisation of courses, seminars and meetings related to innovation by means of computing and communications.
  • Promote and disseminate those activities and results considered of interest for the Foundation.
  • Collaborate with other supercomputing centres for an effective use of the technologies.
  • Search for and obtain resources for the development of its activities.
  • Tend to the technological needs of the entities and companies that so require it in the area of the supercomputing.
  • Any other activity considered of interest for the accomplishement of mission of the Foundation.

The provision of services to the users and customers is fundamentaly oriented to provide any type of scientific and technical support required for the optimum exploitation of the systems of high performance computing, data storage, and communications as well as for the analysis and presentation of results. The services offered are listed below.

  • High Performance Computing for scientific uses, technicians, and engineers
  • User data storage
  • Engineering of advanced communications networks
  • Support for the transfer of results to industry
  • Support in the design and development of I+D+i projects
  • Support for the exploitation of collaboration tools and on-line learning resources
  • Support for the optimum utilisation of Geographic Information Systems

CESGA`s rates

CESGA conducts its own research projects in collaboration with university and industry researchers. The research projects are used to study the following subjects related to Computational Science.

High Performance Computing technologies (HPC): New mathematical algorithms, parallelisation, Cloud computing for HPC, Big Data and technological scientific Visualization.
Computing solutions for several strategic areas of science and technology with great impact in the region, such as:

  • Nanotechnology, New Materials, and Industrial Processes
  • Life and Health Sciences. Development of new solutions for Health that demand high performance computing such as new models for radiotherapy or the processing of medical images to generate useful information for clinical diagnosis
  • Ocean Sciences. Operational solutions for the modeling, simulation, and forecast of physical parameters of the Spanish and Galician coast in collaboration with other institutions. Specific design of portals for the Oceanographic community and utilisation of GIS and other data servers in order to share oceanographic information
  • Use of HPC and Big Data in SMEs.In this way, CESGA and its users develop activity researcher in other areas, such as: GIS, High Performance Communications Networks and e-Learning.

In this way, CESGA and its users develop activity researcher in other areas, such as: GIS, High Performance Communications Networks and e-Learning.

The users of the infrastructures and services of the CESGA include researchers, developers, technicians, and innovators in public and private institutions.

  • Galician Universities
  • Regional Research Centres
  • The National Scientific Research Council (CSIC)
  • Other public or private organisations all over the world, including:

– R&D departments of of industries and companies,
– technological and research centres oriented to industry,
– other Universities all over the world, and
– non-profit R&D organisations.

The researchers that use CESGA have an extensive record of scientific production with a remarkable number of publications of excellent scientific quality, index of citation, and impact.

Consult the annual scientific production reports here.

High Performance Computing Systems use parallel processing to execute advanced applications in an efficient, reliable, and fast manner. Our aim is to reduce the time-to-solution which means to diminish the execution time as well as the development time of an appplication in a particular system.

High Performance Computing Systems use many computing resources during long periods of time in order to complete a computational task.

GRID Computing Systems contribute to distributed computing European and intercontinental platforms, such as, EGI or EELA.

Cloud Computing Systems offer virtualisation software and platforms to users.

The Science and Technology Network of Galicia (RECETGA) provides advanced communications services to the academic and scientific communities in Galicia (close of 90,000 users). RECETGA offers access to the Spanish Network of e-Science (RedIRIS), to the I+D+i community in Galicia and, through this, to the European research network, GEANT.

In addition, CESGA manages infrastructures for massive data storage, repositories of scientific and technical data, geographic information systems, collaboration tools, and e-Learning platforms.

CESGA has housed FinisTerrae is a high performance computing server that is very well adapted and designed to reduce the “time-to-solution” to the minimum in order to satisfy the current scientific and industrial demands of users.

FinisTerrae I occupied position 100 of the World Top 500 list when it was put into production.

Since the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation recognised CESGA as a Unique Scientific Technological Infrastructure in 2009, FinisTerrae has been available to researchers and innovators of the entire European Research Area.

The mission of the CESGA foundation is to contribute to the progress of science and technology through investigation and application of  highperformance equipment of computation and communication, collaborating with other institutions for the benefit of the society.

With regard to the commitment to the quality and constant improvement, were defined the following purposes of the institution:

  • PERSONAL: Provide all the members and collaborators of the CESGA with the working environment one can identify with and where one feels valued and is constantly encouraged to achieve personal and professional growth.
  • USERS/CLIENTS: Reinforce their development and competitiveness on the international level.
  • TRUSTEES: Actively contribute to the development of their policies.
  • SUPPLIERS: Build alliances which enhance mutual development and competitiveness.
  • ASSOCIATES/COLLABORATORS: Prove ourselves to them to be a trustworthy institution, a referent in terms of quality and knowledge, which can provide them value and complementarity.
  • OTHER ORGANIZATIONS: Serve as a centre of reference when it comes to high-performance computation and communication and the willingness to collaborate.
  • ENVIRONMENT: Good environment practices within which stands out energetic efficiency, which is essential due to our commitment to the sustainable development.
  • SOCIETY: Make sure that those who invest and contribute to the CESGA can feel proud of it and their investment yields them direct or indirect profit.

Furthermore, those purposes imply the following values:

  • COMMITMENT: Actively contribute to the achievement of the mission through the effort, professionalism and responsibility.
  • CREATIVITY: Foster the environment where on can feel free to suggest creative and innovative ideas.
  • ETHICS AND EQUALITY: Mutual respect and appreciation of each person irrespective of his or her condition.
  • TEAM WORK: Work in a collaborative way all the time and through the participation, open and honest communication and recognition of the contribution of each member.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Be ready to changes and be able to adjust to them and always be willing to explore novel forms to carry out the tasks and projects.

This Policy of Quality was established by the Direction and is appropriate for the development of the daily activities of the organization within the context of I+D+i, which constitutes the framework. The policy stipulates the obligations to comply with the requirements of the CESGA foundation and the current legislation and reglamentas and to constantly improve the efficacy of the current system of quality management. The present policy provides the framework of reference for establishing and revision of the objective related to the quality. It is necessary to make sure that the policy is understood by all the members of  the staff and that its principles are observed by all of them on a daily basis, besides, the policy must be available to all the external shareholders, associated and collaborators. Moreover, during the revision of the systems of management the current policy is always being revised and adjusted to the present situation.

Consult here the principles governing CESGA’s Energy Policy.

As to the constant improvement of the quality of the services, the system of management of the Center adjust to the normativa ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 50001:2018 of energetic efficiency.

ISO 50001:2018

Certified Energy Management System nº256305-2018-AE-IBE-RvA

ISO 9001:2015

Certificate Management System nº 258094-2018-AQ-IBE-ENAC


CESGA was created in May of 1993.

Foundation CESGA is a non-profit organisation at the service of scientific research. The Regional Government of Galicia and the Spanish National Scientific Research Council (CSIC) participate as the only members of the Board of Trustees.

The infrastructures of CESGA have been partially funded by the European Commission through the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER) and by the Government of Spain through the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) as well as by the Regional Government of Galicia and CSIC. See actions co-financed with FEDER Funds.

Additionally, CESGA carries out actions co-financed with NextGenerationEU/PRTR Funds.
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