The Board of Trustees will appoint a Director – Manager who will carry out the management and management of the Center.


Execute and enforce the agreements of the Board of Trustees, as well as the instructions of the President of the Board of Trustees issued within the framework of their powers.

The management must direct, manage and inspect, in accordance with the guidelines of the Board of Trustees, the organization and scientific activities of innovation and services of the Foundation that lead to the achievement and maintenance of the purposes of the Foundation.

Carry out all the necessary steps to raise funds for the activities of the Foundation, preparation and request for projects, signing agreements, always within the limits established by the Board.

Management Address – CESGA
Switchboard telephone: +34 981 56 98 10 +34 981 92 12 01


To operate and maintain the Science and Technology Network of Galicia (RECETGA) as well as the internal networks of CESGA.


The Communications Department is in charge of maintaining and operating the telematic networking services that CESGA provides in Galicia. These services include those that CESGA provides to the Galician community via connectivity to RECETGA and the transfer of information between this and the national and international networks via RedIRIS, as well as the management of the different internal interconnects of the Centre itself. In addition to the operational maintenance of the different equipment units. The Department also plays an important support role to the Centres that are connected through network technologies. The Department also participates in the coordination and launching of new services within the frame of research.

Communications– CESGA
Switchboard telephone: +34 981 92 12 05 Extension: 815


The objective of this Department is to maintain the computing and storage equipment as well as the support infrastuctures of the Centre in good condition.


The Systems Department supports all computing and storage equipment of the Centre. This includes the supercomputers, FinisTerrae and SVG (Galician Virtual Supercomputer), as well as the GRID and CLOUD computational infrastructures and the storage network of the Centre. In addition to user support, the department is responsible for the installation of the computer equipment as well as the analysis of the best solutions available at each moment. It also provides advice services concerning: – Design and installation of clusters – Design of CPDs and energy efficiency – Grid and Cloud Computing – High Performance Storage Systems.

Systems Department – CESGA
Switchboard telephone: +34 981 92 12 04 Extension: 814


To mantain and enhance the applications of scientific and technical computing installed on the supercomputers. To promote, coordinate and manage CESGA’s projects.


 The department of Applications and Projects serves two main functions.On the one hand, application technicians give support to applications of scientific and technical computing, that are installed on CESGA’s supercomputers. This also includes the identification, instalation, cheking and maintenance of applications and development tools available for public use as well support for CESGA’s users. The instalation of new applications or upgradings can be either installed by support technicians or directly requested by users. The latter ones can also demand the instalation of applications in the case they have their own license. On the other hand, concerning the activity of projects, not only does the deparment coordinate CESGA’s project portfolios, but also promotes and manages directly other portfolios related to computational applications and related tools. Other services provided by this department include:

  • support for the development of scientific applications;
  • advice, test and/or develop computational solutions
  • design, put into effect and manage national and international R&D and innovation projects.

Applications and projects – CESGA
Switchboard telephone: +34 981 92 12 06 Extension: 816


Promote and manage R&D projects in the area of e-business- simulation / modeling. Promote transfer to industry. Participate in projects with industry.


The area of e-Business & Transfer has the strategic aim to channel the transfer of knowledge associated with the computational science research of CESGA as well as to boost the relations of the Centre with industry in related research fields. The Department also executes certification of quality management, ISO9001, related with CESGA activities.

Technological transfer – CESGA
Switchboard telephone: +34 981 92 12 08 Extension: 818


Our department promotes and manages R&D projects dealing with ICT applied to education and collaboration at national and International levels. We promote the integration of training institutions into the knowledge society, providing support and guidance in this process.


Our activities are centered in the participation and design of new proposals to apply ICT in innovative and research educational projects at national and international levels. Analysis of brand new ICT technologies applied to e-learning field. We provide e-learning support services for researchers and trainers in order for them to apply innovative technologies in their learning / collaborative needs. We also offer offer services in planning, training and consulting on ICT applied to education.

e-Learning – CESGA
Switchboard telephone: +34 981 92 12 09 Extension: 819


Preparation and management of RTD projects in the area of Geographic Information Systems. Support GIS users. Collection and automation of data. Preparation of solutions as requested. Maintainance of GIS platforms.


The aim of the Department of Geographic Information Systems includes the performance of analysis and projects in the area of GIS, the processing of vector and raster georeferenced information, databases, the execution of studies that include the analysis, programming, visualisation, and diverse outlets for results (impression, applications, intranet, Internet). In addition, this Department is also responsible for the promotion and the support of the utilisation of GIS technology in the Galician research community.

The Supercomputing Center of Galicia has extensive experience in conducting projects with GIS; those which stand out are related with the environment, marine studies, and industrial or socioeconomic transport.

Geographic Information Systems – CESGA
Switchboard telephone: +34 981 92 12 07 Extension: 817


Planning, coordination, and execution of the dissemination activities of of the Centre. Development, edition, and maintenance of communication tools (Website, distribution lists, production of the “Díxitos” magazine, an annual workshop, an annual activity report, etc.). Organisation and logistics of the actions included in the Annual Training Plan for personnel and users. Organisation of conferences, workshops, and seminars. Management of media relations.


The objectives of the Department of Promotion and Communication are centered on maintaining CESGA Trustees as well as the user community, technological partners, and society in general informed about resources, services, projects, developments, and scientific achievements of the Centre.

Promotion and communication – CESGA
Switchboard telephone: +34 981 92 12 03 Extension: 813


Provide logistics and administrative support to the Director.

Provide logistics and accounting management support.

Manage and keep updated the official and administrative documentation of CESGA.

Director’s Secretary – CESGA
Phone:  +34 981 92 12 10 Extension: 820

Accounting administration – CESGA
Phone:  +34 981 92 12 10 Extension: 820