Fundación Pública Galega Centro Tecnolóxico de Supercomputación de Galicia (CESGA) is the centre of computing, high performance communications systems, and advanced services of the Galician Scientific Community, the University academic system, and the National Scientific Research Council (CSIC).

CESGA Foundation is a non-profit institution whose trustees pertain to the Regional Government of Galicia and to CSIC, inscribed in the Registry of Foundations of Galician Interest with the number 2002/12, CIF: G15852981.

CESGA Foundation was born of the commitment of the Regional Government of Galicia to promote common services of support to the tasks of research and, on the other hand, of the interest of the National Scientific Research Council to promote a work environment in the area of high performance computing, communications, and advanced services in the Information and Knowledge Society.

Mission:Foundation CESGA has the mission to contribute to the advancement of Science and Technical Knowledge, by means of research and application of high performance computing and communications, as well as other information technologies resources, in collaboration with other institutions, for the profit of society.

Purpose:In general the purposes of the Foundation are all those that promote the research in and use of high performance computing, advanced communications and development of information and communications technologies, as an instrument for sustainable socioeconomic development, devoting special attention to the relations of cooperation between research centres, whether public or private, and the productive sector.


  • Promote and participate in research and technological development projects.
  • Provide computing capacity, communications and technical support to its users by means of the equipment available at the Foundation.
  • Collaborate in the transfer of research results in the area of computing between public research centres and private companies.
  • Boost and promote cooperation between institutions at the national and international level.
  • Contribute to the development and strengthening of the competitive capacity of the Galician and CSIC research communities.
  • Collaborate with institutions, companies and people in any matter related to the object of the Foundation, in the terms established in the corresponding contracts or cooperation agreements.
  • Promote and collaborate in the organisation of courses, seminars and meetings related to innovation by means of computing and communications.
  • Promote and disseminate those activities and results considered of interest for the Foundation.
  • Collaborate with other supercomputing centres for an effective use of the technologies.
  • Search for and obtain resources for the development of its activities.
  • Tend to the technological needs of the entities and companies that so require it in the area of the supercomputing.
  • Any other activity considered of interest for the accomplishement of mission of the Foundation.

The CESGA Foundation is committed: the establishment and development of policies that integrate equal treatment and opportunities for women and men, without direct or indirect discrimination on grounds of sex, and in promoting and encouraging measures to achieve real equality within our organization, establishing equal opportunities between women and men as a strategic principle of our Corporate Policy and Human Resources, according to the definition of that principle that the Organic Law 3/2007 of 22 March for the effective equality between women and men.

In 2014, the CESGA implemented an extensive and detailed Equality Scheme managed by a Monitoring Committee.

CESGA is recognised by the Ministry of Science and Innovation as a Singular Scientific Technological Installation (ICTS).