FF4EuroHPC Consortium partners are happy to share the invitation to the HPC Industry Summit which will take place at GLS Campus Berlin, Germany, from 18-19th October.

Industry speakers will discuss how High Performance Computing (HPC), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Quantum technologies are influencing different sectors. This session involves a unique format where participants will be divided into inner and outer circles, allowing for focused discussion and observation. The goal is to explore the intersection of these technologies and their effects on industries.

If you can’t make it to Berlin, follow the livestream: https://www.youtube.com/@ff4eurohpc744/streams

Registration and agenda: https://www.ff4eurohpc.eu/en/news-and-events/news/2023090414031282/join_us_at_the_hpc_industry_summit_in_berlin_

Project website: https://www.ff4eurohpc.eu/