Estimación Costes LogísticaKaleido Ideas & Logistics is a group of companies, specialising in worldwide logistics and intermodal transport, which offers chartering, stevedoring, freight forwarding (air/sea/land), cargo insurance and warehousing. Kaleido’s solutions are highly focused on the following sectors: oil, gas and wind energy; industrial projects; naval, iron and steel and raw materials. Logistics represent up to a 20% of manufacturing costs. Consequently, manufacturing companies need to pay particular attention to the delivery cost of their products to the customer as well as those for gathering raw materials and semi-finished products. In the particular case of sea freight, which can be up to 90% of the total transport cost, finding an optimal choice of transport implies taking into account cost, scheduling, and port congestion is important. Finding an optimal choice can be very computationally intensive because so many parameters are involved. This experiment aims to develop a high-performance cloud-based application available as SaaS that can bring together historical data, both from the user and the wider market, and external parameters obtained at the time of the request, to perform detailed logistical planning. Such a service reflects a clear demand from companies operating in the marine logistics sector.

IMATIA Innovation is a Spanish software SME that provides Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence design and development services. VGSC (Vasco Gallega Sociedad de Cartera, Spain), a company specialising in R&D and management systems, was the end-user of the experiment. They work with companies who need to ship products by sea, and need to find the optimal way of doing this for the lowest cost. CESGA (Spain) provided HPC expertise and resources for the experiment.

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