The Acceptable Use Policy must be fulfilled by all the Centres associated with the Science and Tecnology Network of Galicia (RECETGA).


  • RECETGA Is a term used to include a set of services and network infrastructures that provide support to the communications requirements of the research network in Galicia.
  • The affiliateded organisations are those that CESGA determined to be eligible to connect to RECETGA after a preliminary analysis of administrative and technical conditions. Said organisations have permission to exclusively access sites connected to RECETGA, that is to say, they do not have permission of connect from RECETGA to other networks.
  • Those connected institutions that additionally fulfill the adhesion criteria of RedIRIS will be able to access the services of the national research network as these are a transit to the rest of the research networks at an international level and as well as to commercial networks.
  • Connected organisations are obliged to fulfill the policies of acceptable use described in this document.
  • It is the responsibility of the connected organisations to ensure that the members of their own communities use the services of RECETGA in an acceptable way and in accordance with current legislation.
  • The organisations connected to RECETGA must establish their own acceptable use polivird in a way that is compatible with the conditions expressed in the RECETGA policies.
  • A connected organisation may extend said service to other organisations in a limited way when they are subject to the same precepts here described and said service is provided without cost.
  • No organisation or user can resell any network capacity of RECETGA nor services delivered by RECETGA to third parties without the previous agreement of RECETGA.


The services that RECETGA offers to the instutions connected to RECETGA are subject to the conditions and requirements that are established in the application document as well by the valid juridical legislation in effect at the moment of appying.

The affiliated institutions promise not to accept nor motivate illegal practices.

Moreover, the affiliated institutions shall be especially vigilent in order to protect:

  • Public order: to avoid that RECETGA is used as a vehicle of messages that incite the use of violence or the participation in criminal activity.
  • Human dignity: to prevent any type of social , religious, ethnic, cultural, political, sexual, physical, or psychological disability discimination.
  • Private life: to preserve rights and fundamental freedoms; protecting private life, personal information, and the secrecy of correspondence.
  • Minors: to reject utilisation, especially with sexual aims, and to maintain a watchful attitude concerning the diffusion of contents that are potentially harmful during infancy.
  • Consumer: to respect the principles of transparency and accessibility and to be bound to the rules of consumer protection.


The affiliated institutions must properly use the public resources that RECETGA supplies to them, facilitating access to the network infrastructure only to authorised personnel and denying access to people or organisations that are extraneous to the institution.

Authorised personnel should use the infrastructure and the services of RECETGA for academic and research activities, development, and technological innovation, including the associated administrative tasks.
The users must also employ the network efficiently with the objective of avoiding any congestion of the same as much as possible.

In no case isit considered acceptable to develop activities that pursue or have asa consequence:

  • the creation or transmission of material that prejudice the usual dynamics of the users of RECETGA,
  • the congestion of the links of communications or the computer systems,
  • the premeditated destruction or modification of the information of other users,
  • the violation of the privacy and intimacy of other users, and/or,
  • the damage of the work of other users.

Neither shall they, under no circumstance, use RECETGA for private or personal ends, profit, or commercial objectives that are extraneous to the activities of the institution itself.


During ordinary activity in the network, users will have the right to preserve their anonymity. Nevertheless, RECETGA recommends that the affiliated institutions establish the pertinent mechanisms to be able to identify the terminal(s) acting through the network.


The affiliated institutions will recognise, respect, and defend the right of the authors to their intellectual and industrial creations, in accordance with the norm in effect.


The affiliated institutions must make known the RECETGA objectives and the terms and the conditions of use announced in this document to their users. Also, they will have to assume the responsibility to monitor compliance.