Advanced Course – IHFOAM applied to Coastal engineering – FOAM@Iberia 2019 – Jun 11th and 12th – Porto

The 3rd FOAM@Iberia Meeting, to be held in 11-12 June at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal), will be the annual meeting point of the OpenFOAM® Iberian community.   We are pleased to announce the Advanced Course on IHFOAM applied to Coastal engineering by Dr. Gabriel Barajas at the 3rd Iberian [...]

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CESGA celebrates its 25th anniversary

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, President of the Xunta, emphasise in his speech that the Centro Tecnológico de Supercomputación de Galicia (CESGA) has been a bridge between research and enterprises for 25 years, supporting Galician industries and research organisations in their technological challenges. Besides, he pointed out that in the second decade of this century, CESGA will [...]

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