The 3rd FOAM@Iberia Meeting, to be held in 11-12 June at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (Portugal), will be the annual meeting point of the OpenFOAM® Iberian community.

We are pleased to announce the Advanced Course on IHFOAM applied to Coastal engineering by Dr. Gabriel Barajas at the 3rd Iberian meeting of OpenFOAM® technology users, FOAM@Iberia 2019.

Dr. Gabriel Barajas, from the Coastal Hydrodynamics and Infrastructures Group at IHCantabria , has a degree in Physical Science and Master in Integrated Coastal Zone Management by the Universidad de Cantabria. Gabriel works in the coastal engineering field, developing numerical tools in 2D and 3D, validation and application to research and consultancy projects, both nationally and internationally. He is one of the developers of IHFOAM .

IHCantabria , the Environmental Hydraulics Institute from the Cantabria University, is a research institute with over 140 researchers and 30 years of experience in the fields of hydraulics, hydrodynamics, offshore engineering and fluid structure interaction among others.

IHFOAM is a three-dimensional numerical two-phase flow solver designed to simulate coastal, offshore and hydraulic engineering processes. It presents a wide collection of boundary conditions which handle wave generation and active absorption at the boundaries, that allow the generations of any type of wave in a 3D domain, from the most simple regular waves to complex, real and fully 3D irregular directional sea states.

More information in the FOAM@Iberia 2019 website: