As a consequence of the evolution of the epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19 and of the regulations by which the emergency situation was declared, we are aware that the computing, storage and communications infrastructures that CESGA manages may be critical, especially for those centers that at some point they can carry out research work directly related to COVID-19.

Along these lines, CESGA has taken a series of measures aimed both at protecting the health of its workers and keeping its services active and fully operational.

All our technical and support staff will continue to be available and operational in telework mode from their homes, to meet the needs of the user community.

During this stage, they will be able to continue contacting CESGA staff as they had been doing through two channels:

  • Email.
  • Phone.

To contact through the Telephone, they must dial the telephone extension (once they hear the operator’s message) and the call will be transferred automatically.

If they do not manage to contact by phone, it is very important that they leave their message in the voicemail box as this will be automatically sent by email to the technician associated with the phone extension they are calling.

If you leave a message, don’t forget the following information:

  •    Name and surname
  •    Telephone where we can contact you
  •    Call subject
  •    Brief description of the call
  •    Center to which they belong (regardless of where they call)
  •    Center from where they call
  •    Contact telephone number

IMPORTANT NOTE: To have all the CESGA contact information at hand, we recommend that you download the CESGA Directory from the link below

We trust that this situation does not cause any inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding if you notice any change in the service (especially in the first days).


*Adicionalmente, CESGA priorizará las actividades relacionadas con la lucha contra COVID-19