First Open Call for application experiments has been closed!

The Open Call was successful as the level of response lined up with that experienced in the past Fortissimo projects. Evaluation is ongoing, supported by many experienced external evaluators from industry and academia. The consortia of the highest ranked proposals will be invited to develop their ideas in application experiments funded by FF4EuroHPC, targeting to showcase the huge impact and benefit HPC can have on the business of SMEs. The duration of experiments will be at most 15 months with expected commencement on 1st June 2021.

There will be another chance to submit proposals later this year in the second Open Call, which is planned to open in June and to close by the end of September.

About Open Calls

Within the FF4EuroHPC project (Horizon 2020, grant agreement No 951745) two Open Calls for proposals will be offered in the first year of project execution with the aim to extend and demonstrate the business potential when using HPC-Cloud services, specifically for applications involving simulation of coupled physical processes, high-performance data analytics or artificial intelligence.

The first Open Call was opened from 2nd November to 27th January. The indicative total funding budget was EUR 3 Mio and the maximum funding request per proposal was EUR 200,000 (covering all participants). Two tranches of experiments (so-called sub-projects) will be running for a maximum of 15 months each. The Open Calls have the target to attract innovative, agile SMEs to maximise the innovation potential of individual experiments and the ability to provide compelling success stories about using advanced HPC services and technologies to solve business challenges. These will be used to create awareness and encourage SMEs from different industries to take the opportunity to use HPC for their business, gain new knowledge, make successful collaborations and enjoy the benefits HPC provided for product and operational development or optimisation.

The second Open Call will be announced soon

The second Open Call is expected to be open in June 2021. Detailed information for the second call will be published on the FF4EuroHPC webpage and shared via FF4EuroHPC Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. To stay updated with the latest information on Open Calls, project activities and events, you are invited to subscribe to the newsletter.