FinisTerrae II Use Workshop

The Workshop will take place on October 30 of 2019 in the morning from 11: 00h to 14: 00, in the Scientific Area Building of the UDC, classroom 3.01.

Aimed at novice users or potential users of the FinisTerrae II computer, with the aim that they know the equipment and learn to use it for their own applications or those already available.


FinisTerrae II Description:

  • Cluster architecture
  • Nomenclature: Node / Socket / Core / Thread
  • Hardware description


  • User account: rights and obligations. Portal. Portal Consumption
  • SSH: Description and programs available. Examples of access and upload of files from
  • Linux / Windows / Mac
  • Remote Desktop: Description
  • PN: Description and usage scenarios

Queue System:

  • What is it?
  • Because it is necessary?
  • Limits and Priorities
  • Basic concepts and commands
  • Interactive works
  • Scratch directories


  • Installed software
  • New software request
  • Use of applications (modules)
  • Execution of simple jobs

Registration closed