Project Description

e-InnoEduCO2 – School science e-learning ONE HEALTH

Our EU project InnoEduCO2 “School science e-learning ONE HEALTH” counts as its main objective to develop a STE (A) M – TIC pedagogical model that allows to compensate the increase in the deficiencies of the EU in Vocational Education (VET) adapting the telematic training of the COVID-19 era to the curricular needs of scientific experimentation. The experimentation of this model is aimed at students in Secondary education.

CESGA will collaborate in the design of a telematic support proposal for a virtual school laboratory and its use in different situations: face-to-face, online, mixed, as well as in the adaptation or development of support tools, using geolocation and mobile learning, for the school science development for the project.

Período: 2021-03-01 – 2023-02-28

Financiado por: Comisión Europea