Project Description

Schools 4 21C is an EU educational project that focuses on improving audiovisual and digital literacy for secondary school students and teachers.

Schools for 21st century – Schools 4 21C

Period: 2019-09-01 – 2021-08-21

Funded by: Comisión Europea

Project goals:

  • To increase the quality of education and training, combining higher levels of excellence and attractiveness with opportunities for all, including those in disadvantaged situation by using accessible, affordable technologies in school.
  • To explore new ways of teaching, learning and assessment in innovative way. Being innovative is about looking beyond what we currently do well, identifying the big ideas of tomorrow and putting them into practice.
  • To develop teachers´ integrated teaching skills, motivating and enabling students to be socially conscious, critical thinkers, decision makers, etc. and this can be better achieved if students first possess a high level of literacy (reading, listening, viewing, observing,…) which is essential to the effective understanding of knowledge and communication of ideas.
  • To implement cutting edge digital skills and audiovisual literacy through a collaboration with experts and through connected learning at participant schools.

This project is aimed at secondary students, teachers, student teachers, universities, teacher training centres, university professors and professionals of communication.

Schools21C will produce the following outputs:

  • A course for teachers training with four modules: a) audiovisual literacy, b) Digital literacy, c) Communication ,d) teachers produce “learning designs” putting theory into practice. Its contents will be published in EU resource banks
  • Piloting and a report on experimentation
  • A mobile APP will be created, which will be a complementary tool to both assess audiovisual, communication skills and digital skills teachers must achieve. In the App, there will be 3 levels :a. Core of digital skills;b. Intermediate skills; c. Advanced skills.