CESGA (located on the University of Santiago de Compostela South) is a pioneering public foundation in the area of high performance computing at Spanish and European levels. Joining our CESGA team will offer you the chance to work with cutting-edge technologies, in a pleasant and stimulating environment, integrated into a welcoming and highly qualified team.

Our center has attractive employment conditions, it is committed to respecting equality, allowing teleworking up to 60% of the day, and flexible hours.

This is the list of available jobs at this time. Click on each one to know all the details, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or problems.

ESPLAG-24-TSP1Oferta de empleo para el área de proyectos116/03/2024Closed
INT-23-TSANAOferta de empleo para el área de e-Learning115/02/2024Closed
SINFONIA-23-TSP1_TSP2Oferta de empleo para el área de proyectos026/01/2024Closed
COPERNICUS-23-TSP1Oferta de empleo para el área de aplicaciones126/12/2023Closed
SINFONIA-23-TSP1_TSP2Oferta de empleo para el área de proyectos221/12/2023Closed/Deserted
QUANTUMSPAIN-23-TSP1Oferta de empleo para el área de proyectos121/12/2023Closed
FNS-23-TSINV1-2Oferta de empleo para el área de proyectos210/11/2023Closed
SINFONIA-20-TSP1Oferta de empleo para el área de proyectos124/07/2023Closed
FabLabs-23-TP1Oferta de empleo para el área de e-Learning113/07/2023Closed
PCCC-23-TSP2, PCCC-23-TSP3, PCCC-23-TSP4Oferta de empleo para el área de proyectos320/06/2023Closed
PCCC-23-TSP1Oferta de empleo para el área de proyectos119/04/2023Closed
PCCC-23-TCP1Oferta de empleo para el área de proyectos119/04/2023Closed
EUROCC2-23-TSP1 e EUROCC2-TSP2Oferta de empleo para el área de transferencia227/03/2023Closed
CCMM-23-TP1Oferta de empleo para el área de sistemas110/03/2023Closed
CCMM-23-TSP1Oferta de empleo para el área de sistemas110/03/2023Closed
EGI-ACE-22-TSP1Oferta emprego para o área de sistemas113/02/2023Closed
INT-22-TSAPLIOferta empleo área de aplicaciones106/02/2023Closed
Programador/aProgramador/a – Proceso extraordinario110/02/2023Closed
EGI-ACE-21-TSP1Oferta empleo para el área de sistemas102/02/2023Closed
EKT-22-TPOferta empleo para el área de e-learning204/07/2022Closed
SINFONIA-22-TP1Employment – 1 Project technician106/06/2022Closed
QUANTUMSPAIN-22-TSP1Employment – 1 Project superior technician106/06/2022Closed
EGI-ACE-21-TSP1Employment – 1 Project superior technician123/05/2022Closed
TEC-CUAN-22-TSP1-2-3-4Employment – 4 Senior Project Technicians*415/04/2022Closed
INT-21-TS-ANAEmployment – 1 Senior technical analyst118/02/2022Closed
TEC-CUAN-21-TCP1Employment – 1 Technical project coordinator107/02/2022Closed
EUROCC-21-TP1Employment – 1 Project technician118/10/2021Closed
E-INNOEDUCO2-21-TP1Employment – 1 Project technician116/09/2021Closed
FNS-EMF-21-TSP1Employment – 1 Project superior technician130/07/2021Closed
EGI-ACE-21-TSP1Employment – 1 Project superior technician106/03/2021Closed
SCHOOLS21C-21-TP1Employment – 1 Project technician101/03/2021Closed
EUROCC-21-TSP1Employment – 1 Project superior technician104/03/2021Closed
FF4EUROHPC-20-TSP1Employment – 1 Project superior technician119/01/2021Closed
GRAPEVINE-20-TSP1Employment – 1 Project superior technician116/11/2020Closed
NEASQC-20-TSP1Employment – 1 Project superior technician130/10/2020Closed
SINFONIA-20-TSP1Employment – 1 project superior technician119/10/2020Closed
GRAPEVINE-20-TSP1GRAPEVINE-20-TSP1 – 1 project superior technician112/06/2020Closed
EKT-20-TP1EKT-20-TP1 – 1 project technician112/03/2020Closed
SYNERGY-19-TSP1SYNERGY-19-TSP1-1 senior project technician104/11/2019Closed
PEJ-19-TS1-BIGDATAPEJ-19-TS1-BIGDATA – 1 BIGDATA Systems Technician117/09/2019Closed
PEJ-19-TAPP1 y PEJ-19-TAPP2PEJ-19-TAPP1 and TAPP2-Application technicians217/09/2019Closed
FNS-19-TP1FNS-19-TP1-1 project technician112/08/2019Close