The Galician Supercomputing Center (CESGA) will invest 7 million euros in FinisTerrae III, a new supercomputer that will multiply the computing capacity of the current Finisterrae II by six, while providing huge storage capacity, thus reinforcing the cutting-edge service that the center provides to researchers and the Galician industry. The investment was approved last Friday, June 5, by the Council of the regional government.

The tender for this infrastructure will be possible thanks to a collaboration agreement between CESGA and the Ministry of Science and Innovation, and which will have 5.6 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). According to the agreement authorized by the Council of the regional government, the national co-financing will be assumed by the autonomous administration through the Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN), with a contribution of 1,050,000 euros, and the Spanish National Scientific Council Research (CSIC), which will dedicate 350,000 euros.

The new supercomputer, which is expected to be operational in March 2021, will allow research and technology centers, as well as companies in Galicia, to continue leading R + D + i projects.

This new supercomputer will benefit researchers from Galician universities, CSIC and Galician technology centers; cutting-edge projects, such as those applied to the early discovery of drugs and the development of new materials; sequencing and genomics, astrophysics projects participated by the European Space Agency, and high energy projects developed by Galician groups in collaboration with CERN; and developments related to high-resolution medical image reconstruction and those related to covid-19, among others.

The Finisterrae III will facilitate attracting projects that require a large capacity for computing and data storage. It will also encourage and promote the use of supercomputing in industry, especially in SMEs, and contribute to the adoption of new artificial intelligence techniques, machine learning and deep learning, promoting Industry 4.0 and the Digital Innovation Hubs of Galicia, of which CESGA is a part.

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