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The workshop is oriented to give an overview of the Machine Learning basic algorithms and its usefulness in topics related to SINFONIA project. During SINFONIA project several AI algorithms will be developed. This workshop will give an overview to machine learning and will help the project partners to increase their skills in the development of [...]

Primer ‘hub’ europeo en matemáticas e industria

Plataforma Española de Tecnologías de Modelización, Simulación y Optimización en un Entorno Digital Se crea en España el primer ‘hub’ europeo que conecta matemáticas e industria - Las herramientas matemáticas como el ‘machine learning’’ y ‘deep learning’, la estadística, la simulación, la modelización y el ‘big data’ son capaces de contribuir a un tejido industrial [...]

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Integrating Neural Network Parallel Training using Tensorflow with SLURM

One of the most powerful characteristics of Google API for Machine Learning TensorFlow is its capability for distributed computation that allow users to automatically distribute the training process in different computing machines. Despite the fact that the implementation of these characteristics is relatively straightforward, their deployment in a typical High Performance Infrastructure based on queue [...]

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