Project Description

SICAPTOR – Electronic fishing catch system

Period: 2019-02-01 – 2020-01-31 (12 months)

Funded by: Ministerio ID

The main objective of the SICAPTOR project is to improve the iObserver system, a device that allows quantifying, automatically, catches and discards of fishing on board commercial vessels through photographs, developed within the framework of the LIFE iSEAS project, through the development and implementation of innovative tools using artificial intelligence techniques, such as Machine Learning / Deep Learning, and decomposition into singular values.
Another project development will also allow for real-time decision-making through the use of maps generated in a Geoportal with the combination of advanced GIS tools, mathematical models and data provided by the iObserver.
Shipowners, scientists and / or legislators will be able to use these innovative tools for the identification of optimal fishing areas, avoiding unwanted catches and minimizing fishing discards, or for the development of an efficient regulation that guarantees the sustainability of fishery resources and compliance with the landing obligation.