Project Description

METAFOR – METAFOR – Distance Learning by Satellite

Period: 2001-03-01 – 2002-10-31 (18 months).

Funded by: Comisión Europea

 The European Community through the program Ten Telecom, assigned to CESGA and Aula de Productos Lácteos the METAFOR project in Galicia. METAFOR is a project of development and evaluation of an innovative satellite e-learning to be implemented in a rural environment and led to the agricultural sector.  The experiment was conducted in three European countries: Spain, France andSweden. The Autonomous Government of Catalonia and Galicia will be the spanish participants.  Galicia carried out ​​the project in the Galician dairy farms comprising 35,000 farms representing 52% of the Spanish state.  Lifelong learning is a task in that have been investing many efforts for its implementation, in a rural environment, the possibilities for SMEs to access thistraining found barriers that do not exist in an urban environment.  This project aims to avoid the disadvantages of the formation of SMEs located in rural settings.

Metafor aims to achieve the following objectives: Construction of an optimalintegrated satellite tele-education technology solution. evaluation of of implementation and operation costs. Testing the pedagogical validity of the system. Determining the scope of interests at European level.


Institutions involved

METAFOR consortium

  • CESGA ( Supercomputing Center of Galicia). Spain.
  • APL (Aula de Productos Lácteos – USC Lugo) Spain.
  • MBV (Mon Blau Vert – Barcelona) Spain.
  • ALCATEL SPACE. France.
  • Viviance. France.
  • RENATER (Reseau Nationat de Telecommunications pour la Technologie, l´Enseignement et la Recherche). France.
  • CNERTA (Centre National d´Etudes et de Ressources en Technologies Avancees). Under the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery of France.
  • SLU (Sveriges Lautbraks Universitet, Universidade Sueca de Ciencias Agrícolas) Sweden.

 Centres of Expertise in Galicia:

10 centers located in rural areas and interested in the food industry.

 Support institutions in Galicia:

  • Consellería da Presidencia: Rede de Voz e Datos nos Centros.
  • Consellería de Agricultura: Determinación dos Centros e acceso ós mesmos.
  • Consellería de Industria: Plan de formación continua.
  • Secretaría Xeral de Investigación e Desenvolvemento: Coordinación das institucións involucradas.
  • Consellería Educación e Ordenación Universitaria..
  • Consellería de Familia


Project timeline

March 14 – 2001: project’s official start meeting in CESGA (Santiago de Compostela).

Outubro – 2002: End of the  project. 



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