Project Description

ARTFIBIO – Radioterapia adaptativa y predicción de la respuesta tumoral basadas en estudios funcionales de

Period: 2011-12-26 – 2014-12-30 (36 months).

Funded by: Ministerio ID


The aim of this project is to create an information network to develop predictive individualized models of the tumour response to radiotherapy in patients with head and neck cancer based on in vivo functional data. For this purpose, several studies of MRI and PET/CT were performed, and biopsy will be analyzed. Quantification of tumour cell density and oxygenation were calculated using image data and biopsied tissue. Functional images were obtained from pre- and post-treatment PET/CT, as is currently done, and from a serial 4 MRI studies (perfusion- and diffusion-weighted), which will assess tumour response and oxygenation. In vivo measurements from real patients will allow us to develop a predictive model much better than the currently established based on in vitro data and in animal experimentation.
The project will develope a web plarform with several tools: anonymous database, non-rigid registration of several image modalities, visualization of tumour cell density as treatment is delivered, clinical prediction of the tumour response, evaluation of the treatment considering usual setbacks (breakdowns, non delivered beams,…) and the difference between delivered dose and planned dose, and variation between predicted tumour cell density and quantified one using control images performed three months after treatment.