Project Description

BEinEIMRT – Business Experiment In Enhanced IMRT planning using Grid services on-demand with SLAs

Period: 2008-03-01 – 2009-11-30 (12 months).

Funded by: Comisión Europea

BEinEIMRT is a business experiment to integrate e-IMRT services into Grid

e-IMRT is an ongoing project to provide new radiotherapy planning tools to hospitals. These tools will remotely access high-performance computing facilities, as a complement to existing local Treatment Planning Systems (TPS). The current e-IMRT implementation includes Monte Carlo verification of radiotherapy treatments and their optimization. Hospital personnel may access e-IMRT services in two ways, from conventional browsers or by integrating our solution in third party applications, via web services. The business experiment we propose seeks to integrate the solution in a Grid environment, adding SLA and end-to-end security. These aspects will be supported by BeInGrid common components, enabling the (possibly various) service providers to obtain extra computational resources to face demand peaks. The final goal of the project is offering BeInEIMRT services to many European hospitals, following a pay-per-use or flat costs model.