Project Description

CYF – Create your Future

Period: 2014-09-01 – 2017-08-31 (36 months).

Funded by: Comisión Europea

The main aim of YOUR FUTURE is to develop a comprehensive career counselling programme for childhood cancer survivors (15-25 years) that takes into account the special needs, stresses and strains of the target group.

The project builds on the expertise gained in Austria by Die Berater and Austrian Youth Cancer Association and develops a sustainable career orientation programme in 3 other European countries in order to reduce the unemployment of Childhood Cancer Survivors and to fulfill the Lisbon Strategy goal of “full employment”.

The partners of the project are:

  1. CATRO. (Bulgaria). Coordinator
  2. Die Berater (Austria)
  3. KKH – Kinderkrebshilfe(Austria). Austrian childhood cancer parents and patients/survivors organisation
  5. CESGA (Spain)
  6. USC (Spain)
  7. EA (Greece)
Kyttaro and the spanish association for Childhod Cancer Survivors were chosen as associated partners:
KYTARRO (Greece)
Federación Española de Padres de Niños con Cáncer (FEPNC) Spain

The results of this project will be the following:

– Scientific Research Study on  counselling for Childhood Cancer Survivors (O1)
– Awareness-raising campaign including a video, an awareness raising brochure as well as specific articles on the topic to address and specific target groups such as ministries, employment services or employers (O2)
– A train-the-trainer curriculum for adult educators, who are providing Career Counselling for Childhood Cancer Survivors (O3)
– Career Counselling Manual including a Teaching Kit for Adult Educators (O4)
– Learning Kit for Childhood Cancer Survivors on country specific job orientation (O5)
– A Quality System including a competency framework for trainers & coaches (O6)
– Online Community for Childhood Cancer Survivors and adult educators for peer support and the exchange of know-how on job orientation (O8)
– A Paper on Policy Recommendations to reach stakeholders and politicians (O7)
– An Expansion Survey on preconditions, barriers and potentialities of implementing the Career Counselling Programme for Childhood Cancer Survivors in other European countries (O9)