Project Description

IPlus – Improving regional policies related to innovation and the knowledge economy priority

Period: 2008-07-01 – 2010-06-01 (24 months).

Funded by: Comisión Europea

The project ICHNOS PLUS aims to build on the achievements of the Interreg III C project entitled “ICHNOS: Innovation and CHange – Network of One-Stop Shops”, concluded in April 2007, that produced a model of Regional Centre of Competence (RCC) for One-Stop Shops for business (OSS).

A Regional Centre of Competence (RCC) for One-Stop Shops (OSS) is defined as a organization (public or private) aimed at developing specific actions to support the operation of OSS in a region, contributing to the economic growth of the region by facilitating business start-ups and providing a better support to entrepreneurs.

As a capitalization project, ICHNOS PLUS focuses on the transfer and deployment of the RCC model and its mainstreaming into the regional policies through the ERDF Operational Programme. The RCC model has been conceived as a structure to co-ordinate OSS acting as single points of contact for enterprises. Although the establishment of OSS is foreseen by the EU legislation and was expected in all Member States by 2007, most regions have not accomplished yet with this task.

The basic objectives of ICHNOS PLUS are both optimizing the implementation of this model in the three regions which carried out ICHNOS and promoting its effective transfer and deployment in other European regions.