Project Description


Period: 2008-09-01 – 2011-10-31 (36 months).

Funded by: D.X. de ID

One of the elements that characterizes ICT is the importance that long life learning acquires. People need to update their capacity to acquire new competences to adapt to changes that this new society imposes. Luckily, current formative offer is very wide, from official programs to non formal training courses that allow to acquire new professional competences.

This wide offer is reflected on different catalogs, being many of them in electronic format. However, there is not an integrated search system available which is designed specifically to allocate personalized specific courses according to your aims or individual training needs, only to search for general courses for everyone. Nowadays, people can use classic finders such as Yahoo! or Google but these don’t offer very good results finding this kind of information. So, in this situation, people need mechanisms to allow them to search, select and find the offer that better adapts to their needs and preferences in a transparent and simple way.
In EProcura project we’ve designed, developed and deployed an mediation platform to locate training courses taking into account user’s profile and training needs and preferences. Some of its main characteristics are:

1.-  EProcura platform uses user’s data to adapt the results to his/her characteristics such as interests, training needs, previous training and acquired competences, preferences…For this we use the standards on pupils profiles (IMS LIP, IMS e-Portfolio)

2.- EProcura platform uses appropriate standards and specifications (IEEE LOM and its application profiles, DC-Ed) and we developed extension proposals to describe the teaching environment (over specifications such as CDM).

3.- EProcura makes use of semantic web to personalize the search in an automatic and transparent way. We developed an ontology for an intermediation system on the educational field that  takes into account (sub-ontologies) pupils description, educational objects description and these educational objects providers description.

EProcura is a 3 year R+D project financed by Galicia Autonomous Government, (2009-2011), coordinated by CESGA (Galicia Supercomputing Center) together with a research team from Telematic Engineering Dept. from University of Vigo.



More info

  • Partners: Cesga and Universidade de Vigo.
  • Person in charge: María José Rodríguez Malmierca.