Project Description

Rede Nube – Rede de Escolas na Nube

Period: 2012-09-01 – 2014-08-31 (24 months).

Funded by: Empresa

This project aims to analyse and develop a software and hardware solution, based on cloud computing, which supports a collaborative, communicative ICT based methodology to improve education and collaboration in elementary and primary disperse rural schools in Galicia.

This project continues a path started by an HP Labs awarded research project, also coordinated by Galicia Supercomputing Centre, named “Rural Schools & Cloud Computing” in 2010, where a team of researchers, teachers and computer technicians gather together to design and implement an adapted “cloud”, based on Open Source solutions and cloud infraestructure, to support learning and collaboration in a disperse rural school.

Rede de Escolas Na Nube is a project cofinanced by Balidea Consulting & Programming, and counts on Xunta de Galicia (Galicia Education Ministry) collaboration.