Project Description

clima – Fenómenos extremos de la circulación invernal estratosférica

Periodo: 2012-09-01 – 2015-09-01 (36 meses).

Entidad financiadora: Ministerio ID


The objectives of this project are understanding the processes that lead
to the anomalous behavior of the circulation and studying its direct
impacts, both in the polar cap and following the vortex. We will also
look for the the keys of the different behaviors of the vortex (major vs.
minor, displacement vs. split) and the differences with the final
warmings at the end of the cold season, when the stratospheretroposfere
dynamical coupling is not more possible. Also, the impacts
on the Brewer Dobson circulation, the recovery of the stratospheric
polar ozone, the polar tropopause or the polar jet will be studied.
Finally, the evolution of the intensity and frequency of these
phenomena in several climate change scenarios will be studied.