Project Description

RuralSchoolClou – Cloud Computing for School Networking & Learning

Period: 2013-12-01 – 2015-11-30 (24 months).

Funded by: Comisión Europea

RuralSchoolCloud “Cloud Computing for School Networking & Learning ” is a 2 years Comenius Multilateral Project (Ref: 540182 -LLP -1 -2013-1 – ES- COMENIUS -CMP ) . The project runs from December 2013 to November 2015.

This European project aims to improve the quality of learning and teaching in small rural / dispersed schools in Europe, through exploration, adaptation and improvement of several innovative ICT-based methodologies , which help to meet the different needs teachers face in designing their classes , as well as improving their skills .

This general objective will involve :

– Analyze the situation of the participating regions to adapt and improve the original technological and pedagogical approaches in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning for both students, teachers and the educational community )

– Develop a flexible , rich and economical solution based on shared solutions and ICT-based initiatives in rural areas ( Spain , Italy, Denmark , UK, Greece, Macedonia) knowledge.

– Experiment with several free tools in the cloud based on social sites and online resources and potential in educational contexts where the different levels and ages of students.

– Evaluation of significant educational opportunities in these new contexts such as the implementation of the solution at various educational levels (primary , primary, secondary ) , supporting distance education with live remote support teacher, parallel teaching, cooperative creation educational resources between students and teachers , etc.

– Students to fostering creativity through the use of an environment of common cloud with tools and online resources where they can develop skills in advanced ICT present in their free time ( such as video editing , multimedia authoring , communication networks social … ) and take them to school .

– Strengthening the link between families and the school through the cloud computing solution , by providing a communication between teachers , parents and students , as well as support for parents to open up the school for them, and support for parents to share their children learn and collaborate with schools.

– Test and implement educational innovation of ICT in at least 2 schools in each country.

– Provide specific training oriented teachers use ICT to enhance creativity and collaboration network and provide guidance to support the acquisition of such skills of their students.

– Promote a connected community of practice at European level in relation to learning in rural school context.

– Assess the background and experience to draw practical lessons that can be useful for the participating regions , as well as other European regions with similar needs .

– Find common ground and disseminate lessons learned, developed open source software , and provide training material for other regions to implement the solution .

This project is coordinated by the Supercomputing Center of Galicia, and the consortium is composed of :

P1 Supercomputing Center of Galicia ( Spain ) – Coordinator –

P2 Universidade de Santiago de Compostela ( Spain )

Local Authority P3 DEVON ( UK )

P4 AKETH Development Center of Thessaly (Greece )

P5 VIA University College (Denmark )

P6 Provincia di Parma (Italy )

P7 Institute for the Integration of Macedonia (Macedonia ) .

In addition to these institutions , it has the support of the Department of Education and the Agency for Technological Modernization of the autonomous government of Galicia ( Xunta de Galicia ) , the company Balidea Consulting & Programming, the Ministry of Education of the Government of La Rioja, and 20 rural / dispersed schools in the participating countries .

To request more information about this project , please email the coordinator, Maria R Malmierca at CESGA.

You can also visit the project ‘s web or Facebook page for news about the project.