Project Description


Period: 2013-04-08 – 2014-12-31 (21 months).

Funded by: Ministerio ID

The CENTINEL project’s objective is the provision of intelligence to buildings , new or rehabilitating through the development of Telecommunication Infrastructures and the incorporation of elements to the deployment of useful services for citizens , for providers of services and to Administrations .
The CENTINEL Project will prioritize the Smart Consumption Management service (electricity, gas , water ), consistent with the goals of energy efficiency set by the European Directive 2012/27 EU . However, the infrastructure deployed in the building will enable the development and implementation of other services covered by the current regulations , such as Peace , Security and Telecare . Further, these infrastructures will enable the deployment of building services by third companies, establishing an embryo of applications and an economy based on the building as an essential ingredient of the Smart City.
CENTINEL Project will define an integrated platform of services oriented to citizens, service providers and administrations that allows to create economic development and social welfare.
The consortium consists of the following companies:
  • Televés , industry-leading company dedicated to the design , development and manufacture of equipment for telecommunications signals distribution brings to the project a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding distribution infrastructures in homes and buildings.
  • Municipal Water Company of La Coruña ( EMALCSA ) , whose great knowledge on integrated water management backed by its 110 years of history brings to the project its experience in managing a public good and their knowledge regarding telemanagement .
  • SOLVENTEA Innovation is an SME specializing in design and development of software and hardware solutions for data acquisition and remote monitoring
  • InfoJC , a company that has over 30 years specializing in the field of information security for organizations and the development of applications and information systems .
As a support for technological development proposed the project , these organizations will have the services of three renowned technology centers such as:
  • Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Telecomunicación de Galicia (GRADIANT).
  • Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Supercomputación de Galicia (CESGA)
  • Centro Tecnológico de Investigación Multisectorial (CETIM)