Project Description


Period: 2008-11-01 – 2011-02-01 (24 months).

Funded by: Comisión Europea


ICTeacher project aims at promoting the use of ICT in primary and secondary school classes. With ICTeacher the seeks to provide an appropriate ICT qualification system for school teachers. The quality of teaching and learning will be improved, and the job opportunities of teachers will be increased by:

  • awareness raising for the need and advantages of adequate implementation of ICT elements in school lessons;
  • strengthening of teachers basic ICT competencies;
  • development of a course designed to deliver the acquisition of ICT competencies for the pedagogical practice;
  • implementation of the course as a European standard ICT qualification for school teachers.

The project has several phases, see below :

  • Detailed research and analysis of state of the art ICT integration in school education and specific training needs of school teachers
  • Establishing national focus groups with head teachers, teachers´ training bodies and supervisory school authorities; involving them as an advisory and monitoring institution for the project.
  • Development of syllabus and tests.
  • Development of a blended learning training offer consisting of three main parts:
  • Assessment of existing competencies and identification of learning needs and room for improvement;
  • Development of ICTeacher course consisting of 4 modules and
  • Exam tests.
  • Development of a virtual platform with e-Learning environment, specific information and communication tools for the learners and the focus groups.
  • Piloting and evaluation of the course in 5 partner countries (Austria, Spain, United Kingdom, Hungary and Denmark);


Incorporation into each of the five European countries education system by:

  • Accreditation as ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) foundation endorsed product;
  • Cooperation with ECDL accreditation organisations in the partner countries;
  • Information campaign in the partner countries;
  • International dissemination conference;
  • Inclusion of the course as a module in vocational teacher training programme at University of Santiago de Compostela.



  • “ICTeacher – Back to the Roots and Right on to the Future: Developing a European ICT Teacher Training to Implement Innovations in Teaching and Learning”, Gdansk (PL), Juni 2009: EDEN Annual Conference
  • “ICT goes to school” 2010 conference:
    • Berater ICTeacher2010 introduction video (German)
    • Michael Healy and the ICTeacher Consortium “ICTeacher – Usage and and implementation of information and communication technology for teaching professionals“ (mostly in English language): part1, part2 and part3.
    • More videos at ICTeacher’s web.
  • “ICTeacher – doing the splits from basic ICT competences to applying Web 2.0 in classroom”, presentation, Lissabon (PT) (virtuell): April 2009: m-ICTE 2009 paper


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More info

  • Period:: 2008-2010
  • Partners: Die Berater (Project Coordinator), Österreichische Computer Gesellschaft (Austria), Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (Spain), Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia S.A.X. (Spain), Westminster Business School, University of Westminster (United Kingdom), VIA University College – Læreruddannelsen i Århus (Denmark), and Nyugat-magyarországi Egyetem, Információs Társadalom Oktató és Kutató Csoport (Hungary).
  • Person in charge: María José Rodríguez Malmierca, CESGA.
  • Web: