Project Description

RED_GHPC – Red Gallega de Computación de Altas Prestaciones

Period: 2007-09-01 – 2010-06-01 (24 months).

Funded by: Xunta de Galicia

The Galician Network of High Performance Computing, which we call from now RED_GHPC, has been constituted since its inception for groups/centers with different roles with respect to HPC:

  • Centers providing HPC infrastructure and technical support for using them: CESGA
  • Groups skilled in the application of HPC technologies to solve scientific and engineering problems: GAC-UDC, GAC-USC
  • User Groups of HPC technologies applied to their areas of research: QTC-USC-USC FNL, LDS-USC, MAP-USC, ANT-UVI, GII-UDC, MAP-UDC, CINAMA

The primary overall objective of this network is to collect and coordinate Galician research centers and groups around the HPC technologies; another additional and complementary objective would be to use the links created by the network as a seed of a system of Galician e-Science.